Letter for People of Venezuela

Dear,  all people of Venezuela,

We,  The Indonesian Solidarity fo Latin America Alternative (SERIAL)  just knew about the news through Venezuelaanalysis.com. Chavez has passed away...

We are sad but we are sure that Chavez is struggling and win until the end. We are with all the people who are singing a  hymne to him as his struggle continue in every heart and soul of Venezuelan people. For what had been want cant easily taken back.

We wish all strength to the family and everyone who feel sad, like us. But we are sure this is the best thing that happen to Chavez: that he left after his struggle to win against cancer and Venezuelan bourgeoisie.

Thank you Chavez.
For us Chavez no se va!

Indonesian Solidarity for Latin America Alternative (SERIAL)

Presiden Hugo Chavez Meninggal

Merida, 5 Maret 2013 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – setelah dua tahun berperang dengan penyakit cancer, Presiden Hugo Chavez akhirnya meninggal pada hari ini pukul 16.25 (jam setengah lima sore)

Wakil Presiden, Nicholas Maduro mengumumkan di televisi umum segera dari Rumah Sakit Militer di Caracas, dimana Chavez dirawat.